It's War. How 5 Healthcare Communities are Preparing for Coronavirus

Coronavirus Best Practices


It's War.

Across the U.S., hospital administrators, support services personnel, and emergency management officials are fighting a battle they're trained to fight. Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is the latest infectious disease enemy, but like any wartime effort, supplies, surges and shortages are making it a challenge. 


In the spotlight are five healthcare communities and how they're preparing. From low-tech best practices to high-tech robots, infection control measures often include special protocols for dealing with bed linen. At some of America's top hospitals, a new kind of linen from Beantown Bedding is being deployed: eco-disposable and laundry-free. 


In the Spotlight:


New York, Surge Capacity: "Hospitals have to muster extra staff, stockpile protective gear, equipment..and arrange myriad details — like...extra sheets."


California, Employing Robots: "At Stanford Health...robots are bringing supplies and linens to the ward."


Massachusetts, A Secret Warehouse: "Outside Boston sits a secret warehouse filled with hundreds of boxes labeled 'pandemic product.'"


North CarolinaMobile Medical Units: "Supplies also included other such mundane items as folding chairs and tables, disposable pillows, linens, air mattresses and cots."


Michigan, Healthcare Community Prepares for Coronavirus"Following comprehensive procedures for disinfecting patient rooms and removing/disposing of linens and cubicle curtains."


Other Resources:


WHO (World Health Organization): Infection Prevention and control during health care when novel coronavirus (nCoV) infection is suspected.


CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention): Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Healthcare Facilities (see Laundry and Bedding)


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