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When Kirsten and Joan sent their children off to college, they quickly learned that college kids rarely take the time to wash their dirty sheets. As a result, they become the victims of a sickening accumulation of sweat, body oils, bacteria, germs and dead skin cells which host millions of dust mites - microscopic creatures that lower the immune system and can cause allergies.

Is it any wonder that so many college kids often get sick? It didn’t take long for Kirsten and Joan to realize that washing and drying sheets just takes too much time. They were determined to find a way to eliminate the need for laundering sheets, giving precious time back to students while ensuring a healthier living environment.

Beantown Bedding is the pioneer of Laundry-Free Linens®, In the revolutionary spirit of Boston, the company's founders are true rebels… laundry rebels.

Their innovative solution offers a convenient, comfortable and environmentally responsible alternative to laundering. Here in Beantown, Laundry-Free Linens® are a "wicked smart" option for college, Airbnb, vacation homes, camp and travel. And now businesses are discovering how much easier linens can be when they're laundry-free. Finally, clean sheets and no laundry. What a luxury!

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