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Easier Than a Linen Service

Nothing to Sort, Inspect, or Return.

Take back your time! No more counting, sorting or bundling, or waiting for deliveries and pickups. These eco-friendly disposable sheets are convenient, comfortable and compostable—and incredibly soft!

  • ✓ Speed up turnover for orientations, camps and events.
  • ✓ Stock up for peaks in demand or housing emergencies.
  • ✓ Save time and retask staff.

  • Eco-disposable sheets make managing linens a breeze.


Redefining Value

Save time, labor and loss! With Beantown Bedding® you can cut out half the operational steps involved in linens, redeploy staff and resources, and be a rockstar for bringing innovative solutions to your team.

“Coordinating with linen service companies is daunting. The companies make it hard to keep an accurate count. It’s such a relief not having to deal with that.”

— Director of Special Programs

comfortable wholesale linens are redefining quality


Redefining Quality

Assure your guests that sheets are consistently clean and new. Our eco-disposable sheets are incredibly soft and were preferred by two out of three users in independent testing.

“We’re not set up to be a hotel. We needed a solution for the laundering problem. Beantown greatly reduced storage, and guests feel better having a new set of sheets.”

— Manager, Space and Events Planning

compostable linens are ecofriendly disposable


Redefining Disposability

Plant-based and made with the eco-award winning fiber TENCEL™, Beantown Bedding® is USDA certified as 100% biobased. Discard guilt-free because they're completely compostable!

“The staff absolutely love the Beantown Bedding option. It’s very easy; all in one pack. On the backend there’s no inventory mess, no damage and no loss.”

— Director of Event Services