Laundry-Free Linens® for Hospitality

Eco-Disposable new sheets for every guest. No laundry!

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Redefining Value

Going laundry-free allows you to save time, labor and loss due to damaged or disappearing linens. By cutting out half the operational steps involved, you can redeploy staff and resources—and be a rockstar for bringing innovative solutions to your team. (See how much you can save with real sustainable linens.)

"It was life-changing
for our staff! We are big fans of Beantown Bedding!”

— Customer Review


Redefining Quality

Quality is more than just threadcount. It’s the assurance that sheets are consistently clean and new for every guest. Beantown Bedding® is remarkably soft and was preferred by 2 out of 3 users in independent testing, and differentiating your accommodations can help you
get better reviews.

“The pillowcase was
nicer than the Hilton’s.”

— Customer Review


Redefining Disposability

Beantown Bedding® is a first in sustainable disposables. Made from plants with an eco-award winning fiber (TENCEL™), it's USDA certified 100% biobased and saves water, energy and carbon emissions by not laundering. Discard guilt-free because it's completely compostable!

"Very environmentally friendly, incredibly soft... incredibly cost efficient...”

— Customer Review

The New Way to Do Linens

These innovative eco-disposable sheets are the new way to do linens for lodging facilities, vacation rentals and Airbnbs. They're compostable, incredibly comfortable and last for weeks. Simply use and discard instead of washing. Packaged in individual sets, they're ready to grab-n-go so you can have clean sheets anytime, anywhere, without the hassle of laundry. Available retail or wholesale.

Take a Break from Laundry

  • ✓ Save time and labor
  • ✓ Improve turnover
  • ✓ Eliminate loss
  • ✓ Address fluctuating demand

"very environmentally friendly, incredibly soft... incredibly efficient, especially when considering man hours"

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