How is Beantown Bedding® Different?

These Eco-Disposable Sheets are Planet-Friendly and Laundry-Free

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Now you can have clean sheets anytime, anywhere, without the hassles of laundry. These innovative eco-disposable bed sheets are biodegradable and compostable. They can be used for days or weeks and can be discarded or composted instead of washed.

laundry-free college dorm bedding from Beantown Bedding

Comfortable comfortable sheets for college

These soft, hypoallergenic linens are made with botanic fibers such as TENCEL™, an eco-award winning fiber with a unique moisture transport that keeps fabric dry longer and is more resistant to the growth of bacteria, mold and dust mites than cotton or synthetic fibers.

Compostable sustainable linens

Beantown Bedding linens are eco-friendly throughout the life cycle, supporting a circular economy. They come from nature and return to nature, reducing your carbon footprint and saving water by not laundering. Made from eucalyptus, responsibly sourced and USDA certified as 100% biobased, these eco-disposable linens biodegrade quickly with no toxic residues.