Clean Sheets. No Laundry.

"My absolute favorite." Whoopi Goldberg on "The View". Featured in the 2014 Emmy Awards gift bags!

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The convenience of disposability and the luxury of comfort
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“TRAVEL NECESSITY. I loved these sheets! They were soft and comfortable,
and I loved how I could dispose of them without feeling bad. It freed up
space in my luggage for all the souvenirs. I used them in two hostels for a
total of one week. I'll definitely buy them again.”

                         VIDEO: Whoopi's "Absolute Favorite", The View              VIDEO: The Beantown Bedding Story


Featured in the 2014 Emmy Awards Gift Bags

Beantown Bedding "has taken Hollywood by storm."   The Examiner

Beantown Bedding Founders Joan Ripple and Kirsten Lambert in Beverly Hills with the celebs...



Elliott Gould: Oceans Eleven, Friends           Rob Steinberg: 12 Years a Slave, Die Hard 2     Brett Stimely: Transformers, Parkland                     
          Victor Ortiz: Expendables 3, Dancing              Gabe Jarret: LA Law, Frost/Nixon,                     Carolyn Hennesy: Cougar Town, True Blood,      
with the Stars                                                   Apollo 13                                                              General Hospital





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