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Why is Beantown Bedding® different?



These innovative eco-disposable sheets are 100% compostable and can be used for days or weeks and simply discarded or composted instead of washed. Get clean sheets anytime, anywhere, without the laundry. Ideal for camp and travel, or subscribe and save for college.

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Soft, hypoallergenic sheets made with botanic TENCEL™. The eco-award winning fiber's unique moisture transport keeps fabric dry longer and is more resistant to the growth of bacteria, mold and dust mites than cotton or synthetic fibers.

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Eco-friendly throughout the life cycle. Biodegrades quickly with no toxic residues and returns to nature in as little as 2 weeks. Made from eucalyptus, responsibly sourced and USDA certified as 100% biobased. Save water, energy and carbon emissions by not laundering.


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My absolute favorite! It’s great for college students, campers, travelers...”

Whoopi Goldberg, The View

The traveler in me has spent more times grossed out than not. Do I even need to write a full post on why this is so epic?

Kitty Bradshaw, Travel Writer

The pillowcase is nicer than the Hilton's!

University Conference Director

we give a sheet

We care about our planet and our neighbors. Our chemical-free, biodegradable and compostable bed sheets are made with botanic TENCEL™. For each subscription you purchase, Beantown Bedding donates a sheet set to organizations that make a social impact, such as Team Rubicon and Camp Sunshine.