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Why Choose Laundry-Free Linens®?



No more counting, sorting or bundling (or waiting for deliveries and pickups). These eco-friendly disposable sheets, towels and blankets are convenient, comfortable and compostable! With Beantown Bedding® you can cut out half of the steps involved with linens, speed up turnover and retask staff.



Stop dealing with stained and damaged linens! Laundry-Free Linens® are consistently clean and new for every guest. Our plant-based sheets are incredibly soft and were preferred by two out of three users in independent testing. Fit dorm beds in XL Twin and other sizes and wow your guests.

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No contracts, no commitments. With Beantown Bedding® you can get clean linens anytime, anywhere. With grab-n-go sets or new bulk singles, Laundry-Free Linens® are easier than a linen service or laundering. Manage events, peaks in demand or housing emergencies without storage hassles.

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Why are so many colleges turning to Beantown Bedding® for their summer programs? Because they're easy as 1-2-3!

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A New Way to Guarantee Clean Linens, Lighten the Load for Staff, and Limit Linen Loss



Start by ordering a Free Sample to experience the quality and comfort that you won't find with traditional disposable linens or washable sheets.



Next, order linens online or contact us for assistance with volume or custom orders, billing, vendor registration, shipping or other details.

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Download our Info Sheet to share with guests and staff, or check out our Sustainability Calculator to see what you'll save by going Laundry-Free.

Coordinating with linen service companies is daunting. The companies make it hard to keep an accurate count. It’s such a relief not having to deal with that.

Director of Special Programs

We’re not set up to be a hotel. We needed a solution for the laundering problem. Beantown greatly reduced storage, and guests feel better having a new set of sheets.

Manager, Space and Events Planning

The staff absolutely love the Beantown Bedding option. It’s very easy; all in one pack. On the backend there’s no inventory mess, no damage and no loss.

Director of Event Services

The Beantown sheets help alleviate the workload for our facilities staff as we switch from summer operations back to fall.

Director, Building Services

As an individual ordering linens for temporary stay housing, this is a great option... incredibly soft, they work as they should and will more than last the average 1 week necessary between housekeeping linen changes.

Conference Director

The Beantown Bedding sheet sets made transitioning between rental groups so much easier on our cleaning crew and staff.

Residence Director

Smarter Sheets for Conferences and Events



Laundry-Free Linens® come individually wrapped in recyclable bags, ensuring that linens are always clean and new. These soft, compostable linens can be used for days or weeks and can be discarded or composted instead of laundered.



Our hypoallergenic linens are made with botanic fibers including TENCEL™, an eco-award winning fiber with a unique moisture transport that keeps fabric dry longer. TENCEL™ is also more resistant to bacteria, mold and dust mites than cotton or synthetic fibers.

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Laundry-Free Linens® are eco-friendly throughout the life cycle. They come from nature and return to nature, reducing your carbon footprint and saving water by not laundering. They biodegrade quickly, are responsibly sourced and are 100% biobased.

Easier Camp Bedding and Dorm Sheets

See how the Special Olympics World Games went laundry-free and saved water, energy and carbon emissions in the process.

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