Laundry-Free Linens® for Conferences & Events

Stop managing linens and start wowing guests!

5 Eco-Friendly Conference Tips


Redefining Value

Going laundry-free allows you to save time, labor and loss due to damaged or disappearing linens. By cutting out half the operational steps involved, you can redeploy staff and resources—and be a rockstar for bringing innovative solutions to your Conferences, Events or Orientations team.


Redefining Quality

Quality is more than just threadcount. It’s the assurance that sheets are consistently clean and new for every guest. Laundry-Free Linens® are remarkably soft and were preferred by two out of three users in independent testing. Differentiating your conference housing may even help you attract new events.


Redefining Disposability

Laundry-Free Linens® are a first in sustainable disposables. Made from plants with an eco-award winning fiber (TENCEL®), they’re USDA certified 100% biobased and save water, energy and carbon emissions by not laundering. Discard guilt-free because they’re completely compostable!

Simplify Your Summer Programs

Why are so many colleges turning to Laundry-Free Linens® for their summer programs? Because they're easy as 1-2-3!

  • 1. Welcome your guests with a Grab 'n Go package of brand new sheets.

  • 2. When guests leave, these sheets can go straight into a compost bin instead of the laundry.

  • 3. Your composter can pick up the used sheets, along with campus food scraps, and turn them right back into dirt.

  • Case Study: University of Virginia

Nothing to Sort, Inspect or Return

Take back your time! No more counting, sorting or bundling, or waiting for deliveries and pickups. These eco-friendly disposable sheets are convenient, comfortable and compostable—and incredibly soft!

  • ✓ Speed up turnover for orientations, camps and events
  • ✓ Stock up for peaks in demand or housing emergencies
  • ✓ Save time and retask staff

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It's Easy to Go Laundry-Free

Easier Conferences & Events

  • • Dedicated Account Manager
  • • Easy to Get Started
  • • No Contract Necessary
  • • Customized Product, Packaging and Delivery Options
  • • Competitive Bid Processes Accepted
  • • Serving Small Businesses and Major Institutions across the US
  • • Diversity Supplier as a Woman Owned Business
Three levels of service to meet your needs: Express Concierge Partner
No minimum order
Free storage up to 6 months
Customized delivery schedule
Dedicated account manager
Free disposal consult
Personalized environmental impact certificate
Product customization options (request details)
3 year price protection
Deferred payment option
Free shipping
Ships upon order Minimum order Minimum order,
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