Eco-Disposable Sheets for Emergency Planning

Clean Sheets and Cot Covers. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Redefining Value

Now clean sheets are available on demand without the hassles of laundry. Power outages, last minute visitors, or natural disasters are easier to handle with Beantown Bedding®. Keep on hand for emergencies and simply discard or compost after use.


Redefining Quality

Unlike other disposable sheets, Beantown Bedding® is surprisingly soft and uniquely durable. The premium Tencel™ fabric is hypoallergenic, chemical-free and resists bacteria and dust mites, staying clean longer than cotton.


Redefining Disposability

A first in sustainable disposables, these sheets are made with an eco-award winning eucalyptus fiber. They’re sustainably sourced and save water, energy and carbon emissions. Discard guilt-free because they’re compostable!

Grab and Go Sheets

These premium quality eco-disposable sheets and cot covers are the first of their kind: remarkably convenient, comfortable and compostable, they can last for weeks and be discarded. The grab and go linen packs are easy to keep on hand for emergencies.

  • ✓ Soft, hypoallergenic and chemical-free

  • ✓ Sustainable, compostable and USDA 100% Biopreferred®

  • ✓ Smart sets are individually bundled and easy to distribute

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Ready for the Unexpected?

No power? No water? No worries!

  • ✓ Be ready for unexpected shelter or housing needs
  • ✓ Make an environmentally responsible choice
  • ✓ Simplify clean up and turnover

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It's Easy to Go Laundry-Free

We Make Emergencies Easier

  • • Dedicated Account Manager
  • • Easy to Get Started
  • • No Contract Necessary
  • • Customized Eco Disposable Linens, Linen Packs and Delivery Options
  • • Providing Emergency Supply Linens to Small and Large Organizations Nationwide
  • • Diversity Supplier as a Certified Woman Owned Business

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