Our Commitment to Sustainability

Environmentally responsible at every stage of the life cycle

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USDA Certified as 100% Biobased

We partner with responsible suppliers to provide USDA Certified 100% Biobased Products.

Biobased bedding

Beantown Bedding® is produced with hard wood fibers that are grown in responsibly managed forests independently certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®.

Beantown Bedding®'s soft, hypoallergenic sheets are made with botanic TENCEL™, which uses 20X less water, 70% less land and produces 10X more yield than cotton.

sustainable bedding
bedding from renewable resources

Clean Production

sustainable production

TENCEL™ is produced through a closed-loop production process which reduces waste, conserves energy and water, and is kinder on the environment than conventional production methods.

Tencel Bedding

In a closed-loop manufacturing process, all solvents are non-toxic and are 99.7% recovered and recycled.

Responsible Disposability

Beantown Bedding® is dedicated to conserving resources throughout the entire lifecycle.

water saving linens

Beantown Bedding® is chemical-free, biodegradable and entirely compostable, and can return to nature in as little as two weeks.

compostable sheets

Certification for compostability was awarded by DIN Certco, the European counterpart to the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI).

Sustainable Bedding


  • Learn more about TENCEL™, the eco-award winning fiber found in Beantown Bedding®.

  • ✓ Rapidly renewable resource
  • ✓ Regenerates without replanting
  • ✓ No pesticides, artificial irrigation or gene manipulation