Real Sustainable Linens

come from nature and return to nature

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How it's Sourced

Beantown Bedding® is certified by the USDA's Biopreferred® program as 100% Biobased.

Biobased bedding

It is produced with hard wood fibers that are grown in responsibly managed forests independently certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®.

Our soft botanic sheets are made with TENCEL™, which uses 20 times less water and 70% less land to grow, and offers 10 times more yield than cotton.

sustainable bedding
bedding from renewable resources

How it's Made

sustainable production

TENCEL™ is produced in a process that efficiently uses resources and has a low ecological impact. For this, it received the European Award for the Environment in 2002 for the category "Technology Award for Sustainable Development".

Tencel Bedding

In the closed-loop manufacturing process, all solvents are non-toxic and are 99.7% recovered and recycled.

How it's Used

Beantown Bedding® plays a role in the circular economy, conserving resources throughout the life cycle and providing for responsible disposal.

reduce carbon footprint for laundry

By eliminating laundry, Beantown Bedding® helps to save the planet by conserving water and energy and reducing carbon emissions. Even shipping is carbon neutral.

compostable sheets

Some bedding is made with recyclable materials, but ours IS recyclable. It's chemical-free, biodegradable and compostable, certified by DIN Certco, the European counterpart to the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI).

Sustainable Bedding

How much can you save with Real Sustainable linens?

Use our sustainability calculator to find out how many pounds of carbon emissions, gallons of water and kilowatts of electricity you can save by switching to Beantown Bedding.


  • Learn more about TENCEL™, the eco-award winning fiber found in Beantown Bedding®.

  • ✓ Rapidly renewable resource
  • ✓ Regenerates without replanting
  • ✓ No pesticides, artificial irrigation or gene manipulation