E-Book: 8 Eco-Friendly Hospitality Tips

Eco-Friendly Hospitality Tips

Take your hospitality business to a whole new level of sustainability this year with our latest list of eco-friendly tips. Our 8 Eco-Friendly Hospitality Tips are designed to help you reduce costs, save money and attract more guests. Go green today!

1. Upgrade Cleaning Supplies

Replace traditional cleaning supplies with all-natural, organic products. Plant-based products are just as effective as non-organic products but are kinder on your health, your guests and the environment. You'll also provide a better stay for guests with asthma or allergies.

2. Use Refillable Containers

Instead of using small plastic bottles, provide toiletries in reusable, refillable containers. You may also consider outfitting bathrooms with wall-mounted shampoos, conditioners and soap to further reduce waste. Organic soaps and toiletries will also help to provide a more eco-friendly environment for your guests.  

3. Go Paperless

Replace complimentary print newspapers with online, digital subscriptions. Studies have shown that the average person in the U.S. uses more than 700 pounds of paper per year—more than anywhere else in the world. Going digital can significantly reduce paper waste for your business.  


4. Make Recycling Easy

Place a recycling bin in each guest room alongside a full list of items that can be recycled. If you cater to business travelers, add another recycling bin next to all desks to make it even easier to recycle paper.  


5. Stock Up on Laundry-Free Linens®

No list of eco-friendly hospitality tips would be complete without Beantown Bedding®'s Laundry-Free Linens®. A first in sustainable disposables, these plant-based linens are chemical-free, dye-free and 100% compostable (and with no need to launder, they save on water, energy and carbon emissions). You'll also ensure guests that their sheets are clean and new, just for them.  


6. Consider Composting

NComposting diverts waste away from landfills and converts it into rich soil that can be used for gardening, landscaping and house plants. It also saves water, reduces greenhouse gasses and minimizes your overall impact on the environment. (A bonus tip? Beantown Bedding's Laundry-Free Linens are completely compostable!)  


7. Donate Unused Food & Beverages

Commit to reducing food waste by finding a local charity that will accept donations of unused food and beverages. List this partnership on menus, in welcome packages and on your website to make guests aware of your goals. 


8. Get Your Guests Involved

Include a reusable room card in each bedroom listing the environmental benefits of limiting laundry (like saving water and reducing your carbon footprint). Put similar cards in bathrooms to let guests know that only towels left on the floor will be washed. Getting guests involved in your eco-friendly efforts can significantly reduce your energy costs and add to your bottom line.


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