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"This is going to be a game changer for hospitals because it’s safer." Support Services Director
"Love seeing the Beantown Bedding Eco-Disposable Sheets in our [Emergency Department]. Amazing feedback and turn into plant dust in 6 months!"  Support Services Director
"A brilliant idea... for infection control, MRSA, VRE, and C diff."  Healthcare Professional 
"We like the convenience and the softness, and we know they're clean."  Cardiopulmonary Manager
"Our ROI analysis shows that Beantown saves us money."   Support Services Director
"So helpful to have disposable yet soft and durable sheets for our patients during their labor and delivery stay."   Registered Nurse 
"I am amazed with the comfort level."   Healthcare Director 
"Cath labs are busy. It made their lives easier. If they don’t have linens they can’t do the procedure."   Support Services
"We're getting phenomenal feedback from the ED (Emergency Department)."  Support Services.
"After working as a pediatric ICU nurse, it was apparent that linens were being disposed of improperly. When caring for critically ill children, some linens are beyond repair. Having soft, disposable linens that better fit the needs of caring for patients who are critically ill would be extremely helpful for hospital staff."   Registered Nurse 

"The bone marrow transplant families were absolutely thrilled because they have to be so careful about infection, and we do not trust traditional sheets for these patients."   Support Services

Higher Education

"Preparing for the school year to begin can be a drain on resources for colleges across the country, and not just economically. Setting up visiting days and orientations requires thousands of bed sheets for overnight events, all of which can take a toll on the environment. Instead of releasing this impact on the environment, we will instead use Beantown Bedding's Laundry-Free Linens. Local partners will pick up the sheets and compost them alongside the food scraps from orientation, eventually donating a portion of the resulting rich compost back to us for use in its Campus Student Garden."   Orientation Director
"Coordinating with linen service companies is daunting. The companies make it hard to keep an accurate count. It’s such a relief not having to deal with that."   Director of Special Programs
"We’re not set up to be a hotel. We needed a solution for the laundering problem. Beantown greatly reduced storage, and guests feel better having a new set of sheets."   Manager, Space and Events Planning
"The staff absolutely love the Beantown Bedding option. It’s very easy; all in one pack. On the backend there’s no inventory mess, no damage and no loss."   Director of Event Services
"The Beantown sheets help alleviate the workload for our facilities staff as we switch from summer operations back to fall."   Director, Building Services
"To begin, compostable linens is obviously a "green" alternative and you need to view the linens with this lens. As an individual ordering linens for temporary stay housing, this is a great option.

Pros (compared to rented bed linens):

- no laundering - cost of ownership is cheaper than completely buying a set of bed linens - very environmentally friendly - incredibly soft - they work as they should and will more than last the average 1 week necessary between housekeeping linen changes - the lack of necessity to collect and organize soiled linens and instead just have people throw them into a compost pile is incredibly cost efficient, especially when considering man-hours

Cons (compared to rented bed linens):

- the material is thinner and less strong (you can tear it if you try), but i'm not sure what you expect with them being able to be compostable - the cost is higher than renting linen, though this may be offset by the lack of man-hours after clients are done with the sets - transitioning individuals from standard linens to these is the most difficult as again, they are obviously different


Overall, if you are looking for a cheap, sustainable alternative to standard linens, they work, especially in a bulk setting. As mentioned in the cons, the most difficult part is getting people on board to the idea."   Conference Director

"We had great feedback from our clients. We hosted the USA Volleyball under 17 men’s team training camp, and they had no clue that they were disposable... We literally had to pick the coaches’ mouths off of the floor. They were so comfortable that they thought they were standard linens."   Event Coordinator

Emergency Management

"It's a no-brainer for emergency preparedness."   Emergency Manager

"These disposable sheet sets are a life-saver to have on hand for power outages and other emergencies."   Emergency Manager

"Awesome environmentally friendly product."   Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

"We end up disposing of used linens anyway so there is no reason why we shouldn’t use things that our eco-friendly."   Regional Disaster Officer


"Beantown Bedding has always provided us wonderful customer service and a great product we are proud to use and offer our customers. Laundry-Free Linens are a great idea and help us devote more time to our campers."   Camp Director 

"Excellent quality for disposable sheets. I love the convenience of not having to send out the laundry and no need to be worried about the smell of oil residue left on the sheets."   Massage Therapist 

"I’m absolutely allergic to everything you can think of...grass and dust...I can never have a good night’s sleep, I’m constantly sneezing and blowing my nose and I read somewhere that a bed can carry bed bugs, dustmites, and other bacteria and I’m sure that’s the reason why I can’t rest well at night. I actually told my best friend about it and she bought me these sheets, packets of Beantown Bedding pillowcases and sheets. They are hypoallergenic, they’re made with Tencel making them super soft, and at the same time can keep the bacteria away."   College Student

"The biggest shock is when you receive these and you feel these, it’s hard to imagine. Until I felt them, I didn’t quite know what to expect... You’ll feel it and you’ll say “Hang on, did they send me the right thing? These are disposable sheets?”...They’re fantastic."   Retail Customer