Case Study: Why Hospitals Are Asking For Laundry-Free Linens®

Laundry-Free Linens


In a healthcare setting, Laundry-Free Linens® are fast and effective—not to mention incredibly clean and comfortable. Here's a quick look at how a number of hospitals are using Laundry-Free Linens® in the field. From surge capacity to infection control, these eco-disposable bed sheets are helping healthcare professionals save time and guarantee clean no matter the circumstances.

〉 Surge Capacity and Field Hospitals

At the start of COVID-19, one of the largest hospital systems on the east coast significantly increased its monthly order of Laundry-Free Linens®. This was to prepare for surge capacity which meant accommodating up to 25 percent more patients than usual. Due to warehousing locations on both the east and west coasts, Beantown Bedding was able to quickly accommodate this request, allowing one of the country's largest healthcare providers to begin using Laundry-Free Linens® almost immediately in its emergency rooms. This eliminated laundry for approximately 300 to 500 beds each day, which freed up resources and reduced the burden on staff during a critical time. Because Laundry-Free Linens® are used by just a single patient and are composted rather than laundered, the linens also reduced the risk of cross contamination. As the pandemic progressed, Laundry-Free Linens® were further deployed in field hospitals where individually wrapped sets allowed staff to "grab 'n go" linens while managing an unprecedented surge in hospitalizations.

〉 Infection Control

Laundry-Free Linens® are also playing an important role within a world-renowned Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant program. Since Laundry-Free Linens® are individually wrapped and guaranteed clean, they were an easy choice for hospital administrators focused on infection control. According to one staff member: “The bone marrow transplant families were absolutely thrilled [with the linens] because they have to be so careful about infection and we do not trust traditional sheets for these patients.” Combining comfort and cleanliness, Laundry-Free Linens® were deployed in both the hospital's maternity ward and bone marrow transplant program with great success. The linens' eco-disposable nature mean sheets are always clean and new, which provides peace of mind for patients and ease of use for caregivers. As a compostable product, they also help to offset the carbon emissions, electricity and water usage of commercial laundering.

〉 Staff Overnights

One New England hospital goes laundry-free in order to better prepare for emergencies. Many staff members will stay overnight during emergencies and require clean linens themselves. This previously led to shortages of sheets, forcing staff to conserve linens and keep an even closer eye on supplies. The hospital also had concerns about its regular linen providerduring a previous storm its provider was unable to make deliveries, leaving the hospital at risk of running out of clean sheets. Laundry-Free Linens® have proved the perfect solution. The individually wrapped sets are not only convenient for staff overnights, but also help to regulate linen levels and ensure that a clean supply of linen is always on hand.



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