Dirty Sheets and No Towels: What Quarantine Housing is Really Like

Linens for Quarantine Housing

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many college students have experienced what it's like to live in Quarantine Housing—housing reserved specifically for students who feel sick or have been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual. While some colleges are providing the essentials, like bed sheets, linens and towels for Quarantine Housing, many students are still finding the amenities lacking and the overall experience stressful. Here's what Quarantine Housing is really like according to three college students who've been there.

Stressful and Exhausting

"The entire process was difficult, confusing, and a downright bummer from start to finish. Although my experience was far from ideal, I hope I can better prepare others who could soon be in the same boat.


Inside the room, I found a bed with two stained top sheets and a rough, old blanket. The floor had stains all over it and one visibly wet and sticky mark in the middle of the carpet that I’m still actively avoiding. ...I double-layered the top sheets over the mattress and thankfully brought a blanket of my own and my own towel. These comforts have meant the most throughout this extended stay."


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10 Days Without a Pillow

"They provided us with bedding, but it’s not nice at all. They don’t really give us blankets, they give us those thin sheets to put over the bed. I recommend people going to wellness housing bring a pillow and a blanket, because they don’t give you either. They told me to bring a pillow, but my roommate who tested positive did not bring one, so she’s going to be here for 10 days without a pillow. They didn’t provide us with any towels and they didn’t advise us to bring them. Since my other two roommates came later, we asked them to drop stuff off in front of our door for us.


My advice for anyone who has to move into wellness housing is to take your time to pack, because it can be super overwhelming. Make a list of what you should bring. Bring comfy clothes, comfy bedding, pillows, towels, anything you need for the shower... Don’t be afraid to pack too much. You’re going to be here for 14 days and you can’t go back."


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Nerve-Wracking and Kind of Scary

"Dust everywhere. On the bed and desks and everything... The counters looked like they hadn’t been wiped down. The toilet was running from the person who was just in there before me. Their linens were on the ground. I felt like, if I didn’t have COVID before, I’d get it now by staying here. It was nerve-racking and kind of scary.”


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