"There are so many reasons these sheets are ideal..."

Disposable Sheet Reviews

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Beantown Bedding's eco-disposable sheets have been getting rave reviews from our customers, and we just couldn't help but share one of our most recent favorites:

PERFECT - Especially helpful during COVID-19!

"I’m very happy with my purchase! I was given a set of these sheets as a gift and just found them on Amazon. I read the reviews before buying them and I agree with the five-star reviews. One negative review stated these sheets are a disposable mattress pad - NOT TRUE! Yes, they are disposable but they go into the compost pile and not my garbage can. I did some research and read the fabric is naturally antimicrobial. During this crisis with COVID-19, they’re worth every penny.


Because of the pandemic, I have been very reluctant to do my laundry in a laundromat. I’ve been hand washing my clothes but that doesn’t work with sheets! Laundromats aren’t cheap either! The last time I washed and dried my sheets there, it cost $8. I’ve used the set I was given for over three weeks and am quite impressed with their durability. They’re NOT like disposable linens in a hospital (surgical gowns, pillow cases, etc.) and they’re very soft - softer than my regular sheets.

Cool and Comfortable All Night

I was concerned they might make me too hot because the feeling of them seemed a bit like flannel sheets. These sheets did not make me too hot at all and I felt cool and comfortable all night. After trying these I’ve decided to buy several sets of them for travel. I typically travel often and will be traveling again after it’s safe and the stay home orders are lifted. When I’ve stayed with family or friends, I’ve had trouble with having allergic reactions to the laundry soap the host has used. I can put these right on top of the sheets already on the bed when staying with family/friends and take them with me when I leave.


I also won’t have to worry if I get a makeup smudge or skincare product on the pillowcase - that happened to me in the past. Once while I was staying in the guest room of a friend, I thought I had removed all of my makeup. When I awoke the next morning there were several mascara smudges on the pillowcase that was part of a custom made bedding set (comforter, shams, dust ruffle and sheets) and I couldn’t wash it out. It was very embarrassing!

Less Laundry Would Have Helped A Lot

I’m going to take them when I stay in hotels too. I was in a 4-star hotel a few years ago and the cleaning staff was cleaning several rooms near mine. The occupants of those rooms had checked out so every room needed the bedding changed. One of the hotel’s cleaning staff put a clean set of sheets for each room next to the door ON THE FLOOR. Of course, I reported it to the manager but it made me think of how many things like that go on without guest’s knowledge. Now, more than ever, I’ll take whatever safety measures I can to guard against exposure to the COVID-19 virus and all other germs.


I wish I had known about these sheets when I was living in California during the severe drought. Less laundry would have helped a lot especially when my kids were still living at home. There are so many reasons these sheets are ideal for me and I highly recommend them!"


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