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Beantown Bedding evolved from the simple concept that necessity is the mother of invention when two Boston moms sent their kids to college and learned that they never washed their sheets. Concerned that dirty sheets are breeding grounds for bacteria, mold and allergens, they searched for a disposable alternative. With no options available other than paper and plastic, they decided to come up with their own solution.

Hence, the creation of Beantown Bedding® and its utterly eco-friendly (dirt to dirt) disposable sheets. Made from plants, the sheets are surprisingly soft, can be used for days or weeks and either recycled or composted, where they will return to nature. No laundering means saving time, water and energy, and reducing your carbon footprint.

Designed as a time-saver for college students (and peace of mind for their moms), the solution has now helped hospitality businesses, healthcare and emergency management professionals enjoy the operational and environmental benefits of going laundry-free. Even more, Beantown Bedding® is new for every user, dispelling doubts when the perception of clean is critical.

The creative combination, convenient and sustainable linens, has earned national attention from USA Today, the View, the Today Show and other media channels. Its founders were named among Women and Wealth Magazine’s 17 Women to Watch in 2017. The company is a MassChallenge alum; a finalist for the Babson Breakaway Challenge; and an INDA Visionary Award finalist.

Beantown Bedding® is available both wholesale and retail at Beantownbedding.com, where there is a popular subscription service option for college.
Also available online at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon.

In 2018, the company launched Beantown Innovations™, providing custom solutions for laundry-free textiles.

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Beantown Bedding is a pioneer in the revolutionary spirit of Boston. The company's founders are true rebels… laundry rebels.

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