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They’re non-woven, compostable and disposable. No washing. Discard guilt-free after use because they will completely return to nature.

Anyone who has better places to be than the laundry room! Hospitality businesses, university summer programs, healthcare and emergency management organizations use Beantown Bedding® to streamline operations, support sustainability or prepare for emergencies. Consumers choose it for college, camp, travel and Airbnbs to save time and ensure clean sheets anytime, anywhere.

Beantown's original line of Laundry-Free Linens® is made from award-winning TENCEL™ fiber, which comes from eucalyptus trees. It's hypoallergenic, chemical-free and odor-free. New items are being introduced with a variety of cellulosic fibers, including bamboo.

Beantown Bedding® comes from nature and returns to nature. It’s made from rapidly renewable resources, is biodegradable, compostable and USDA certified as 100% Biobased. By eliminating just one load of laundry, you’re saving about 40 gal of water, 7 kwh of energy and 15 lbs. carbon. We proudly ship UPS Carbon Neutral, which provides for carbon offsets.

Each grab-n-go set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet and one or two pillowcases.
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Only in white (no chemicals or dyes!)

New compostable towels for healthcare are now available. These nonwoven towels are lighter weight than terry cloth towels and are designed for single use in healthcare, salon and fitness center settings. Beantown Bedding sheets can also be used in conjunction with washable towels as a way to significantly decrease the amount of laundry and make a meaningful environmental impact.

In-stock items typically ship within 3-5 business days. For items NOT in stock, or custom orders, please allow 12-16 weeks. See shipping policy.

No. Beantown Bedding offers an innovative new “laundry-free” solution that is an alternative to a linen service or washing linens in house. With on-demand delivery and no contracts required, it is an easy way to meet peaks in demand and reduce storage.

Yes. For consumers, Beantown Bedding® is available for either one-time purchase or as a subscription (every 1, 2 or 4 weeks) at www.BeantownBedding.com. For businesses, a personalized delivery schedule can be tailored to your needs.

Yes. Flat sheets are now available in XL Twin size. Customized product and packaging solutions may be special ordered.

Delivery is available only to US or APO addresses.


Many disposable items are considered wasteful because they take up space in landfills and utilize resources in manufacturing. In contrast, Beantown Bedding® conserves resources at every stage of the lifecycle in comparison to washable linens and completely returns to nature.

No washing! Unlike washable sheets, there are no chemicals. They’re clean and ready to use right out of the package.

Though they may withstand one or two washings, they are designed to be used and disposed of instead of laundering. Beantown Bedding® makes no warranty regarding the product or laundry machines if laundered.

They typically last one to two weeks, or even more depending on usage.

No. Biodegradation takes time and certain conditions, but they will begin to pill and show wear after some period, depending on use.

Our customers are creative! They've reported using Beantown Bedding® as beach blankets, costumes, airplane seat covers, dog bed covers, signs for football games, weed barrier for gardens, and even a Twister game board for a frat party!

Indefinitely. No expiration when kept in a cool, dry place.


Discard in compost bin or trash receptacle or give them a second life by donating to an animal shelter or dropping them in a textile recycling bin (no washing necessary).

Probably not, unless you have a compost pile. Composting occurs under specific conditions in which microorganisms work to break down material and convert it to soil that is rich in nutrients for gardening.

The time to biodegrade can be as little as a few weeks and depends on a number of factors, such as the type of compost operation. In trash, they typically break down like cardboard, which can take a few months. Composting is the fastest way for them to biodegrade and give back to the earth.

Compost facilities choose which items to accept and may not be willing to take in a new item, regardless of its certification of compostability. As with any pioneering effort, education and processes can take time. Beantown Bedding and companies like Reebok are actively working with the US Composting Council and Compost Manufacturing Alliance to pave the way for environmentally responsible disposal of innovative new products.

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